If you’re a learning organization or instructor looking to gather student data, there are several approaches you can take. One option is to use third-party platforms like Google Forms or Typeform to create customizable digital forms. These forms can be tailored to capture specific information that’s relevant to your school or course. Once filled out, you can export the data in CSV format and upload it to Skoolified, an all-in-one edutech platform that streamlines school operations.

Alternatively, you can use Skoolified’s in-app registration form to capture all the required data points for each student. This form can be customized to ensure all necessary information is collected in a standardized and organized manner, facilitating better data management and analysis for schools.

In summary, there are multiple ways for learning organizations and instructors to collect accurate and relevant student data, including third-party platforms and Skoolified’s in-app registration form. These tools can enhance the educational experience and drive better outcomes for students. Make data collection a breeze and streamline your school operations with Skoolified today!

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