A career as an investment banker is a lucrative career that involves providing financial advice to private and public organisations as well as helping clients raise capital. This career is a significant profession that demands a high level of analytical, mathematical and critical thinking abilities. Most companies, including start-ups and established companies, are seeking investment options. As a result of this, pursuing a career as an investment banker provides a wide variety of opportunities and high earning potential.


Investment bankers guide firms and governments on financial issues and assist them in raising funds for investments. Additionally, they advise firms on massive business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, as well as debt and equity issuances. Investment bankers are essential to companies as well as communities seeking to raise funds to fund their operations. Starting a career as an investment banker requires essential knowledge and skills to excel.


In the next sections, I will discuss the steps needed to start a career as an investment banker.


How to Pursue a Career as an Investment Banker

  1. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

    Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a financial discipline is important in pursuing a career as an investment banker. You can obtain a bachelor’s degree in disciplines such as finance, accounting and economics. This degree will knowledge on how to provide financial services effectively. Additionally, you will gain analytical skills, mathematical skills and a firm understanding of economics.

  2. Gain Professional Experience

    You can gain professional experience while studying as an undergraduate and after graduation. You can acquire experiences through internships or volunteer roles. This can help you get familiarised with this career path. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to learn the important skills required to be a successful investment banker.

  3. Build Relevant Skills

    As an aspiring investment banker, you should develop the skills needed to succeed as an investment banker. You can build skills such as critical thinking, innovative thinking, financial literacy and communication skills.

  4. Pursue a master’s Degree

    You can obtain a master’s degree in business administration, corporate finance or related financial fields. Additionally, you can also obtain MBA degrees. This can enable you to work in advanced roles as an investment banker. Earning a master’s degree will help you stand out from other candidates and gain additional job chances.

  5. Obtain Additional Certifications

    Earning Professional certifications will demonstrate your expertise and commitment to this field. You can professional certifications in finance such as CFA, ACCA or ICAN.

  6. Network with Professionals

    After acquiring the relevant education and skills, networking is one of the important ways to kickstart your career. You can do this by registering with professional organisations in this field. This helps you have access to growth and career opportunities.


Skills to Have as an Investment Banker

  1. Analytical Skill
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Mathematics
  4. Creativity
  5. Innovation
  6. Relationship Building
  7. Problem-solving
  8. Analytical reasoning
  9. Financial Knowledge
  10. Teamwork


Areas of Specialisation in Investment Banking

As an investment banker, you can choose one of these niches to specialise in based on your interests and skills.

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions Banker: These professionals assist businesses in the acquisition, disposition or merger of enterprises. Additionally, they conduct target analysis, conduct negotiations and give customers strategic counsel.
  2. Corporate Finance: Corporate finance experts assist businesses in generating capital using a variety of strategies, such as the offering of bonds and shares.
  3. Capital Markets: The financial experts in this field help organisations raise funds by selling assets, such as initial public offerings (IPOs), follow-on offerings, and debt issuances.
  4. Equity Research: Equity research experts give comprehensive evaluations and suggestions on publicly listed firms. Additionally, They assist corporate and regular investors in making educated choices regarding investments.
  5. Financial Advisory: Professionals in this field advise customers on a variety of areas, such as the integration of businesses, capital layout, and managing financial risks.
  6. Private Equity: These experts operate as fund managers who handle funds focused on making investments in private enterprises. Furthermore, they could invest in areas such as acquisitions, business capital, or development stock.


Schools in Africa that Offer Business Administration Degrees

  1. Lagos Business School- Pan Atlantic University, Nigeria
  2. Gordon Institute of Business Science- University of Pretoria, South Africa
  3. Strathmore Business School- Strathmore University, Kenya
  4. Henley Business School- South Africa
  5. The American University in Cairo School of Business, Egypt
  6. ESCA Ecole de Management, Morocco
  7. Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  8. University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa
  9. Wits Business School- University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
  10. Milpark Business School- Milpark Education, South Africa


In conclusion, starting a career as an investment banker demands a great deal of effort, persistence and diligence. This is a highly competitive field. Therefore, you need to have the relevant skills, education and experiences to be successful in this field. Finally, establishing a career as an investment banker takes some time. This is why you need patience and commitment to thrive in this career path. However, the benefits that come with dedicating to this career path is always worthwhile in the long term.


Good luck!

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