A career as a copywriter is a field of writing that involves writing with the intent of educating, persuading, or influencing an audience. These professional writers usually work with companies often to sell a product or service. They work in sectors such as advertising, marketing, or public relations. Additionally, they work on various mediums such as websites, advertisements, social media, and promotional materials.


If you have a passion for writing, you can choose to start a career in copywriting. Therefore, you need to have the right skills and develop the capacity to work as a copywriter. With the right skills, you can build a successful career and thrive as a copywriter.


In this piece, I will walk you through the skills and educational background you can obtain to start a career as a copywriter.


How to Start a Career as a Copywriter

  1. Complete your Secondary Education

    You need to complete your secondary education to pursue a career as a copywriter. This will give you the foundation in English, writing, and speaking that will be useful to your career. Additionally, you cannot pursue a degree in the university without completing your secondary education.

  2. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree:

    A bachelor’s degree is not a major determinant of the success of your career as a copywriter. However, some writing positions would require a specific degree. A bachelor’s degree will give you a strong foundation in the principles of writing and communication. You can earn a bachelor’s degree in disciplines such as English, creative writing, or journalism.

  3. Enroll in Copywriting Courses and Workshops

    You can also take courses in copywriting. This will teach your copywriting techniques and strategies. Additionally, you can enroll in workshops to learn about the basics of copywriting.

  4. Gain Experience

    After studying and learning about copywriting, you must practice writing to gain experience. You can do this through means such as internships or apprenticeships. Additionally, you can also work as a freelance writer to gain experience. These experiences will help you develop your skills further as well as boost your portfolio.

  5. Choose a Niche

    Copywriting is a broad field. You must choose a niche you would like to specialize in. This will enable you to have an area of expertise as well as make you relevant in the industry. Additionally, you focus all your efforts on refining your skills in the niche you choose. You can choose areas such as SEO Copywriting, digital copywriting, creative copywriting, etc.

  6. Build a Portfolio

    While you gain experience in copywriting, you must build a portfolio. Making a portfolio will make it simpler for you to showcase your prior works to publications or hiring managers and display your abilities or distinctive writing style. Therefore, you should create a website where people can view your portfolio and link to it from your application materials, such as your résumé and cover letter.

  7. Continue Learning

    You must continually update your skills to stay relevant as a writer. Starting a career as a copywriter is a process. Therefore, you need to dedicate time and commit to learning every day.

Types of Copywriter

  1. Social media Copywriter

    They focus on writing simple, captivating content for social networking pages, such as tweets, captions, and other posts that promote interaction and sharing.

  2. Technical Copywriter

    They focus on creating content for products and services that need a thorough comprehension of complex subject matter, such as technical documentation, manuals, or guides.

  3. Advertising Copywriter

    They are experts in producing compelling and captivating content for advertisements such as print, web, radio, and television commercials.

  4. Creative Copywriter

    They place an intense focus on originality and creativity when creating content for marketing campaigns. Additionally, they frequently collaborate closely with designers and art directors to create concepts that are fresh and unforgettable.

  5. Digital Copywriter

    They focus on producing content for online channels, such as social media, websites, email marketing, and online advertisements.

  6. Content Marketing Copywriter

    They produce content that is in line with content marketing tactics, with an emphasis on giving the audience useful and pertinent information.

  7. Brand Copywriter

    They focus on creating and preserving a brand’s voice and tone for all media to guarantee uniformity and bolster brand identification.


Important Skills for a Copywriter

  1. Detail Oriented
  2. Good writing skills
  3. Communication
  4. Editing and revision
  5. Research
  6. Drafting
  7. Creativity
  8. Time management
  9. Persistence


In conclusion, starting a career as a copywriter will enable you to make a living off of your abilities and creativity. You will have access to a lot of opportunities that will allow you to explore your creativity. Additionally, you can work in different sectors of the industry as a copywriter. This might be a passion for some people but not for others. Regardless, to become a proficient copywriter, you must dedicate the necessary time and energy to learning the right skill that will make you a proficient copywriter. Above all, it would be ideal if you made a regular commitment to improving your abilities.


Good luck!

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